Crate Hire

Fox Business Moving offer crate hire as a standalone service or as part of a Commercial Moving project. Our crates are clean, sealable, durable, stackable when full and nest when empty.

If you need help estimating how many or what size crates you will require then take a look at the type of crates below, but if you still need some advice then get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help


Size - L: 400 x W: 300 x H: 306mm
Capacity - 25 litres

This crate is the smallest crate we can supply. It is ideal for your employee's personal belongings and is generally used to transfer small items from desk to desk during your move.

Size - L:675 x W:575 x H:465mm
Capacity - 140 litres

This IT crate is designed for the transfer of a complete desktop system consisting of a computer and basic peripherals and a flat screen monitor. This crate is widely used in all commercial relocations.

Size - L: 600 x W: 400 x H: 368mm
Capacity - 64

This crate is our medium sized crate and designed to be narrower than our standard crate (L3C). This is to allow it be more manageable in narrow stairwells.

Size - L: 675 x W: 575 x H: 615mm
Capacity - 165 litres

This crate, as is the IT3 crate designed to transfer a complete desktop computer system. The major difference being that this crate is larger in size as it used with those systems that come with larger monitors.

Size - L: 710 x W: 460 x H: 368mm
Capacity - 80 litres

Our industry standard lidded crate. This crate is the goto crate when it comes to commercial moving, the 80 litre capacity allowing it be a perfect size for most applications. Couple with the ability to stack the L3Cs on top of each other, it is the ideal solution for business moving.

Size - L: 1125 x W: 480 x H: 360mm
Capacity - 130 litres

This crate is just over 1 metre in length and is also stackable when closed. Ideal for safely and securely transporting thos bulky items during your move.