Reuse and Recycle

Relocating to new premises often means that you have to dispose of redundant items of furniture, fittings and equipment or look at recycling your office furniture. With Fox Business Moving, we can give you an environmentally responsible solution to manage your office furniture recycle by implement a reuse and recycle policy.

We understand that it’s essential for all organisations large or small to demonstrate best practice in furniture recycling. Showing that your relocation is as green as possible can be an effective way of demonstrating that commitment.

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscientious organisation, accredited to ISO 14001, with a fully audited environmental management system in place. As part of your relocation process, we can recycle, donate or sell all of your unused and unwanted items in ways which will benefit the environment and your local community. In addition, we are licensed waste carriers with a commitment to environmental protection.